ancient greek drachm coin pendant
ancient greek drachm coin pendant
ancient greek drachm coin pendant

Greek Drachm 44348


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In a reign of only thirteen years Alexander III the Great was able to accomplish military feats that stand unequaled to this day.  By B. C. 330 he was already the acknowledged leader of an empire that covered a million square miles.  Alexander was more than a military genius.  He had studied as a pupil of Aristotle and was familiar not only with strategy and tactics, but mathematics and philosophy, art, literature and theater.  At his untimely death at the age of thirty-two, he was King of the Greeks, Pharaoh of Egypt, ruler of Persia and King of Asia. This silver drachm features the bust of Heracles (Hercules) wearing a lion skin head dress. The bust was purposely made to look like Alexander himself since these coins were spread across his vast empire. The artifact was minted around 330 B.C. and is hand set in an 18kt gold pendant.


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