crusader denier coin pendant
crusader denier coin pendant
crusader denier coin pendant

Crusader Denier 46190


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This coin was minted in Antioch which became the base for the Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys, where Jesus’ followers were first called Christians (Acts 11:26) and where the Gospel of Matthew was probably written. The city and its massive walls also played an important role during the Crusades. Featured on the reverse of the silver denier is a cross (the cross of Jerusalem, the Crusader’s cross or the Maltese cross). The Maltese cross is a symbol of the Christian warrior, of protection, a badge of honor. The eight points on the Maltese cross symbolize the chivalric virtues: Loyalty; Piety; Frankness; Braveness; Glory and Honor; Contempt of Death; Helpfulness towards the Poor and the Sick; and Respect for the Church. Firefighters use the symbol today as their badge of honor and bravery. This coin was minted under the rule of Bohemond III, portrait on obverse around 1163 to 1188 and hand-framed in 14 k gold pendant.


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