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Lysimachos , one of the most remarkable of the Successors of Alexander the Great, was of Thessalian stock and was a bodyguard to the great Macedonian King. In the confused period following Alexander’s death he obtained the government of Thrace and in 309 B. C. founded his capital city of Lysimacheia where many of his coins were struck. In 305 B. C. he took the title of King, and four years later extended his rule over much of Asia Minor following the defeat of Antigonos the One-eyed at Ipsos. This silver tetradrachm features the diademed head of Alexander the Great wearing the horn of Ammon (ram’s horn, symbolic of the Greco-Egyptian composite god Zeus-Ammon). The reverse is Athena enthroned, holding Nike, the winged goddess of victory, in her right hand and resting her left arm on a shield. Circa 300 B.C. Framing is sterling silver with chalcedony stones for the bracelet.


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